Saturday, May 30, 2009

Great News: A Sale!

I just submitted a contract to one of the confession magazines. One of my short stories, FAREWELL, PURPLE TUTUS; HELLO NEW BEGINNINGS is tentatively set to run in the August edition of True Love magazine. I'm very excited, and continue to work on more stories.

If you’re interested in participating in Internet groups comprised of writers working in the short fiction market, some of the good ones out there include yahoo’s True Writers group for those interested in writing for and sharing information concerning Dorchester Media’s confession magazines (True Story, True Love, True Romance, True Confessions and True Experience) and yahoo’s WWWriters group for those who want to send submissions and network regarding Woman’s World magazine. There are many of these specialized writing groups out there. I’m relatively new to both of these groups, but they’re very active and I’ve found them very helpful for getting back into the short story market. If you’re a member of some online writers’ groups that you’ve found beneficial, please share in the Comments section. Thanks!

I'm sending the good vibrations of my sale your way and hope this finds you all writing!!!

: )


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