Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thirteen Things about Why I’m Happy to Be Blogging Again

Here are some of the reasons that I’m ecstatic to be back online, up and running with the blog experience once again:

1. Accountability – Since I have my real name and photo up on this site, I can pull myself out of the shadows, away from all those covert operations I was engaged in, and be an honest woman once again.

2. Multi-tasking – Because the confines of Corporate America have previously dumped inordinate amounts of work on me to be completed simultaneously, coming back now just seems to be the right thing to do with the holiday season now upon us.

3. Sharing the Wealth – My critique partner didn’t already have enough to do, so now she can eyeball my lengthier posts and help me get them ship-shape. Thank you, Podna!

4. Escapism I needed a break from my day-to-day life. “As the World Turns” and “The Bold and the Beautiful” can only do so much to distract me from the comedy and tragedy of life in this dimension.

5. Inspiration – I just read Shirley MacLaine’s latest book, Sage-ing while Age-ing, and her direct, intelligent writing style and “out there” topics made me see that it was time to return to the Web.

6. Give and Take – It's fun to get the poop, I mean, disclose information and glean the wealth of knowledge from others. Today I opted to share the above photo, in which it is patently obvious that I had ingested far more than my fair share of happy juice and was feeling no pain.

7. Anticipation – I’m looking forward to researching and writing a number of upcoming posts, including a series based upon a well-known book for actors that is also an indispensable resource for writers.

8. The Quotes – I miss sharing famous movie quotes in the "Name That Film" section and long to dig up some more and paste them up here.

9. The Quest for Knowledge – I still know only enough about the Internet and Web design to be dangerous, so I’m eager to learn how to build a better writers’ site.

10. Appropriating Good Lines from Others – I always welcome the opportunity to say, "I’m baaa-aaaaccccccckkk!"

11. The Opportunity to Better Cope with Existence on the Earth Plane – While denial is normally my favorite coping mechanism, maintaining the blog here provides a much more positive, creative way to help keep me out of various state-run institutions.

12. Auld Lang Syne, a.k.a., The Tearful Reunion Factor – I missed you guys!

13. For the FUN of It – Nuff said. Blogging is good clean fun.

I hope you are all doing well this Thursday, enjoying a blessed day. I look forward to getting reunited with you once again. Godspeed!

P. S. Note the new section on the left side of the page, "Fascinating Nonwriters' Web Sites." This will expand as I find more intriguing Web pages to share. The "Interesting Books I've Encountered of Late" section has been updated, too.

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