Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Writer Helper

If you have to do your own work this week, sans a ghost writer, here are some of the lists I've been using lately to free write before I jump into one of my projects. Pick one from each of the four lists of Characters, Settings, Time and Conflict and start writing for half an hour. If your creativity takes off, turn it into a book or screenplay. Have a great week!


1. A college student in a foreign country
2. A 40-year-old woman who learns she’s pregnant
3. A human-looking character from a parallel universe
4. A 75-year-old man who just won a major lottery
5. A 7-year-old piano prodigy
6. A restaurant owner whose girlfriend just encountered his wife
7. A young blues musician
8. A group of friends who reconnect at a high school reunion
9. A teenager who just transferred to a new school
10. A former pornographic movie star


1. A haunted concert hall
2. A country field
3. An old art deco building
4. A national monument
5. An exclusive party
6. The White House
7. A new car dealership
8. A wedding reception
9. A table outside a popular city bistro
10. The site of a recent earthquake


1. Midnight
2. The Jazz Age 1920s (before the Great Depression)
3. Following sex
4. Sometime in June
5. The year 2412
6. Just before a thunderstorm hits
7. The first week of school
8. After a fight
9. Just before a concert
10. 4:00 a.m.


1. A very upsetting secret has been revealed
2. Someone just received divorce papers
3. A car just crashed into a building
4. A human body has just been discovered
5. Someone is feeling suicidal
6. An important decision needs to be made
7. A UFO lands
8. Someone has just revealed a weapon
9. A fire has been started
10. A very important item has been lost