Monday, March 31, 2008

Short Story Find:

"Eight O'clock in the Morning"

I found a great short story today:
“Eight O’clock in the Morning” by Ray Nelson, The story was written in 1963 and tells of one man’s awakening to aliens posing as humans, many of them politicians and others in various authority roles, such as the chief of police. The Fascinators, as the aliens call themselves, control everything on Earth, only humans don’t realize it. Subliminal programming runs rampant and no one suspects that a group of intruders could be controlling the faltering economy and just about every other aspect of human life. No one suspects, that is, until George Nada truly awakes from a hypnotism session and for the first time sees things as they really are.

”Eight O’clock in the Morning” was the basis for the 1988 John Carpenter film, “They Live” starring former professional wrestler Roddy Piper . My favorite John Carpenter film is “Escape from New York” , (Kurt Russell looked so fine as Snake Plissken) but “They Live” is an entertaining film as well. If you haven’t seen it, it’s online in installments on YouTube. Links for the film are listed below:

“They Live” – Part 1,
“They Live” – Part 2
“They Live” – Part 3
“They Live” – Part 4 "
“They Live” – Part 5
“They Live” – Part 6 "”
“They Live” – Part 7
“They Live” – Part 8 ""
“They Live” – Part 9


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