Friday, February 29, 2008

Things that Go "Bump" in the Night

Happy Leap Day!

This past week I ducked inside a little shop to get in from the rain and I found a wonderful book treasure, Ghosts Among Us by Leslie Rule . This book features photos and tales from amusement parks, homes, hotels and cemeteries concerning spirits that once walked the earth. The stories are from all over America. I found the creepiest tales being those of physical items, particularly dolls, that have been known to move on their own from place to place. One case features forensic sculptor Frank Bender , who was the artist who helped capture fugitive John List when his age-enhanced bust of List was presented on “America’s Most Wanted.” List was an escaped fugitive of eighteen years who had murdered his entire family in New Jersey. List was apprehended in Colorado eleven days after his bust was featured on the television show.

The stories are interesting and the writing is engaging and concise. A number of photographs are presented, and I found myself wanting to see even more images of the places these spirits allegedly roam. If the author’s name sounds familiar, it’s because the nut doesn’t fall very far from the tree. Leslie’s mother is Ann Rule , one of my favorite authors. Leslie is a talented author, as is her mother. If you like ghost stories at all, check out this book.

One of my own ghost stories involves a light that would occasionally shine in one of the bedrooms of my former house, where no light fixture was present. My former husband and I were both concerned over what caused this light, whether it was a spirit, a tear in the fabric of time, a parallel universe, or something beyond our comprehension. We never did solve that mystery.

What ghost story would you like to share?


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