Thursday, March 29, 2007

Marching on through March

Whew! What a month. During an extended illness, I made the decision to create at least one positive thing out of the experience. The lessons, feelings, cast of characters, irony, etc., couldn't all be just writing fodder for one of my stories (although what a story it will be). I'd wanted to watch the DVD, "The Secret" for a healthy shot in the arm, but my DVD player broke. (If you haven't seen "The Secret" yet, I highly recommend it. It's very inspirational. The book version - both book and DVD created by author Rhonda Byrne - is currently on the New York Times Bestseller List.) While languishing at home, I sat back and listened to the inner guidance I received.

I was led to complete the round of edits I had started on a manuscript last month. I did it! I was sorry to pretty much miss the month of March, what with the beginning of Spring and all, and my birthday was not nearly as lively as in years past, but I was happy I finished that round of editing.

Hope you all had a great month.


Blogger Elizabeth Parker said...

Welcome back, Diana! I wondered where you were. Glad to hear that things are looking up.

So, you like The Secret? It sounds intriguing to me, but I had been holding off buying it. It's also been out of stock here at Lincoln bookstores. But since reading your blog, I guess I'll go get it! Thanks.

4:46 PM  
Blogger Diana Celesky said...

Hey, Elizabeth

I LOVE "The Secret." It's still very hard for me to wrap my mind around the notion of the Law of Attraction, that by virtue of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions, we create EVERYTHING in our physical reality. I'm working on it, though, as it has a ring of truth in it for me. Watching that documentary has forced me to become more aware of everything that I do. It's daunting and empowering at the same time, but I've always been a paradox fan.

Let me know if you want to get together and watch "The Secret" DVD. I think you'll like it. I also have the first episode of "Oprah" that covered it and 1/2 of the second "Oprah" show she did two weeks later on the film. I'm thinking about picking up a copy of the book, too.

5:56 PM  
Blogger Melissa Marsh said...

I wondered where you'd gone to, girl! So glad you're feeling better. It has been a bad year for illness for a lot of people, I think.

1:59 PM  
Blogger Robin L. Rotham said...

Yes, I was wondering about you, too. Glad to hear you had a productive month, even if you were sick.

1:18 AM  

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