Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Quintessential Hero

Oh, yeah. Paul Newman.

He's been my quintessential hero for some time now. I'd seen him in movies off and on since I was a kid, but it wasn't until I saw him in "Absence of Malice" that I thought, "You know, for an older gentleman, he surely is handsome." Age was still kind of an issue for me then. He's 81 years old and still hot. It wasn't until fairly recently that I saw "The Sting" for the first time. Oh, baby. Or as we used to say in college, "He's a BOB - baby, OH, baby." Whenever I'm creating a new hero or struggling with making my current hero come to life, I think of Paul Newman. I'll watch "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid." I'll spy the Newman's Own labels at the local health food store. As the song says, "Baby's got blue eyes." And how. Yeah. Paul Newman always gets me on track when it comes to making those heroes jump off of the page.

I tag each person reading this to tell us all about your quintessential hero, what about him inspires you, and how you discovered him. This can be a man you know in real life (or as in my case, reel life), one you'd like to know in real life, or one that only you know inside the creative genius of you.


Blogger Elizabeth Parker said...

Oh yeah, Paul Newman. I loved him in Hud, Long Hot Summer, and The Verdict. He's aged very well, like a fine wine. And it always warms my heart to think he's been married to the same woman all these years.
As for my quintessential hero, I'll have to think on that one. They change for me. Lately, I've been into Johnny Cash. Hmmm, this will take some pondering about men. What fun. :)

10:55 AM  
Blogger Diana Celesky said...

Isn't it great that Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward have been together all these years? She was such a huge star when he came on the scene, and both have since graced us with so much of their creative talents.

Johnny Cash. I have a framed poster of him in my office. He's been such an inspiration that one of my stories features a hero named Cash.

Tell us more, Elizabeth.

11:32 AM  
Blogger Robin L. Rotham said...

I've been trying to think of one since yesterday and haven't been able to. Isn't that terrible? The only one who comes to mind at the moment is the New Bond. I just can't get him out of my mind...

2:09 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth Parker said...

Tell you more? Well, you can go read my blog entry, titled "Walk the Line." I talk about why I like Johnny Cash and the movie about him. Have you seen it?

6:02 PM  
Blogger Diana Celesky said...

I've not seen "I Walk the Line" yet, but hope to soon. So is Johnny Cash your current quintessential hero, or is there someone else that inspires you when you're creating your heros?

10:16 PM  
Blogger Melissa Marsh said...

My quintessential hero - I know this will sound really weird, but it's Daniel Craig as James Bond. He has it all in that movie - and I absolutely want to meet him in real life and tell him just how much I admire his performance, not to mention how absolutely wonderful he looks in his swimming trunks. ;-)

10:44 AM  

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